Spreading the word with Tom Laidlaw
August 26, 2020

Thank you Shukri Wrights for the opportunity to spread the word of ALTRUNITE.

The Shukri Wrights Podcast is hosted by rising Sports Talk Radio Personality Shukri Wrights. Wrights is the host of The Shukri Wrights Show on 91.5 FM WMFO, broadcasting in Boston & Boston area . The podcast will provide informative yet engaging interviews with some of the best names in sports media, former athletes, and archive radio broadcasts of The Shukri Wrights Show!

Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/shukri-wrights/support

Episode 43: The Shukri Wrights Show Radio Interview feat. Tolik Borts

Tolik Borts, founder of Altrunite & Altrunite.com joins The Shukri Wrights Show to discuss how the non-profit organization was found, the creation of custom face masks, plus much more!

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